Tropical Security Services

If you have an existing home and you require a simple security system you have two choices, and these are dependant on the style and construction methods used in your home.

By far the simplest, and most trouble free system is the hard wired system this means that the detection devices are connected to the Control Panel by means of security cables. To do this you need to be able to gain access to the ceiling space and the dividing wall space, so if you have a low set steel framed home this is the system for you. If you have a multi level or brick home or an old “Queenslander Style” you have to weigh up the choices, you can still have the low maintenance and reliability of hard wire but the installation costs and inconvenience might outweigh the advantages.

For residential hardwired systems we use and recommend a variety of systems dependant on your requirements such as self monitored or monitored via a commercial monitoring centre.

There is now on the market simple to use wireless systems that offer detection of intruder’s and send you a photo of whatever activated the system via a smartphone application you can control all aspects of your system that can include door locks home lighting etc.

We are currently using the Yale system with a smartphone app for self monitored systems. See our specials for YALE systems

Yale Smart Alarms

Tropical Security Services

The new Smart Home Alarm range puts users firmly in control, allowing you to arm and disarm your system from anywhere via your Smartphone.

Having a home built?

Then have it pre-wired for security, you don't have to have the system straight away, it won't add much to the cost and you will be so glad you did when the time comes to have the system installed.