Commercial Security

Tropical Security Services

Today, Business Security is more important than ever. Protect your property with our professional line of commercial security systems.

We offer products from wireless systems to fully monitored Security and Access Control systems along with expert advice, system design and installation.

Tropical Security Services has security solutions for video surveillance and remote video monitoring.

We help you understand the products and services that will meet your needs, and then recommend a level of protection to accommodate both your concerns AND your budget.

In today's modern world everyone has to pull their weight and that includes your security system, it can turn your lights, air-conditioning on and off, check staff attendance Count the number of people in your building and who goes through each door or restrict access to certain areas.

We don’t try to sell you a pre-designed, cookie-cutter package. Instead, we design and install a system that addresses your concerns as a business person and that meets your budget.

Before your system is designed, we help you take the following steps:
  • Determine your security goals and budget
  • Perform a complete external review of your property
  • Determine where your business may be vulnerable
  • Identify areas of value to a variety of incursions
Tropical Security Services
Let a Professional Security industry member help you gain the advantage in protecting your business.
Our Security Panel of choice for larger installations is the " Tecom Challenger" and our choice of detectors are from the Rokonet range.