Closed Circuit Tele Vision system (CCTV)

Tropical Security Services

A Closed Circuit Tele-Vision system is rapidly becoming an essential item in many businesses it acts primarily as a deterrent to shop stealing, it controls stock losses by both internal and external persons.

It can be an essential means of identifying intruders or victims of assault or theft in and around your place of business. It can also save you a lot grief & money in fraudulent accident claims

Camera placement can be highly visible for deterrent purposes or covert for special use.

Key Benefits
  • Control Stock Losses
  • Low Maintenance
  • Remote Smartphone Access and Control

A big advantage with computerised recording is the ability to network the system for remote viewing this coupled to movement detection software can make for very high security with remote viewing of events via the internet or intranet.

Would you or your Security Company like an email with images of whoever activated your alarm system.

CCTV in your home is now an affordable option and in some areas of our community it is a necessary part of modern society. You can log into your system with your Smartphone to check your kids, your pool etc. It can give you back control of your property

As with all things in life camera quality equates to cost, NASA don't buy there cameras on Ebay so you have to juggle need to cost and thats where we can help